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How did Sick Plugs come to be?

Tori Harrison

You might have seen my Facebook profile and I've been talking about "Where to start with my Blog!?" Well, a few of my customers suggested I go back to the beginning and tell people how Sick Plugs came to be. So here we are: For about 3 years I'd been "between jobs" and spending a lot of time in a local tattoo studio. The lady who owned and ran that studio soon became a friend... became my boss. She gave me a job as her "Business Manager" which involved everything from Reception/Front of house duties to, eventually, learning to do...

First Post

Victoria Harrison

You've probably already heard of "Sick Plugs"? You're maybe already a customer or you've checked us out on social media or some of the UK tattoo conventions? Thank you if you have! This is the new home to all the "iconic" Sick Plugs products; we've had to move them as the main website was getting too big and cluttered!Here you'll find all your favourite Film, TV, Disney and Anime characters.



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