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Internally Threaded Titanium 4 Gem & Ball Square Top Couture Labret

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Square pattern clear crystal jewelled internally threaded implant grade titanium Swarovski gem labret stud in 1.2mm gauge for lip, tragus and ear piercings

Part of our stunning Couture luxury internally threaded titanium piercing jewellery range, this 4 gem cluster labret stud is a seriously "Wow!" factor piece for any piercing.

Finished with four beautiful genuine clear Swarovski gems and suitable for any piercing that you wear a flat backed labret stud in.

This would look amazing as the centre piece to a curated ear project or simply as a stand-alone piece in your favourite piercing.

Gauge: 1.2mm
Labret Base: 3mm
Length(s): 4mm - 10mm
Gem Size: 5mm (total)
Attachment: 0.8mm thread

Medical/Implant grade titanium 6Al-4VEli ASTM:F-136

Piercings: Labret, Medusa, Lip, Tragus, Upper ear cartilage, Nostril, etc.
Suitable for new or healed piercings.

Please allow 3 - 4 working days for delivery.

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