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Ear Saddles

Ear Saddles are an extremely popular alternative to plugs or tunnels to wear in your stretched lobes.
We have a range of hand crafted double flared ear saddles for you amazing people that love your stretched ears, in a range of sizes from 6mm upwards and a range of materials and finishes including brass, copper, silver plated white brass and more.

Sometimes also known as platform spreaders you can wear our saddles in different ways; choose to buy the same size as your stretched lobe size and wear them as a direct replacement for your usual plugs or tunnels. Or you can buy a smaller size than your usual and the ear saddles with sit in the bottom part of your lobe and give a really cool "naked lobe" look.
Each of our saddles come in a range of sizes with all sizes quoted being the smallest size your stretched ears will need to be to wear them.

Ear Saddles, or Platform Spreaders, are designed to be worn either alone or with ear weights or large hoop earrings. Because the saddle will spread any extra weights across the bottom of the lobe you can safely hang ear weights or heavy earrings inside them without the feat of blowouts or the extra weight having a "cheese grater" effect on one part of your lobe. Whichever material you choose or whatever way you choose to use them our ear saddles will transform the look of your stretched ears!


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